Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Standard Cheese & Crack


For The Standard Cheese & Crack

First Choose:

· Seedy Crackers (Gluten Free)

· Cheesey Crackers (Dairy Free, Less Gluten Option)

· Classic Crackers (Butter, Flour)

Choose 2:

· Local Cured Salamis and Meats

· Local, Domestic, and Imported Cheeses

· Seasonal Roasted Vegetable Spreads

· Tofu and Herb Spreads

· Bacon Jam

Choose an Accoutrement:

· Hummus or White Bean Spread

· Olive Tapenade

· Pickled Veggies

· Seasonal Fruit Jam

Finally, all standard boxes will come with:

· House Made Herb Sauce or Grey Poupon Dijon

· Nature’s Kick Honey Stick

· Spokandy Chocolate Dinner Mint

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